"This place is amazing, these people do everything in their power to help out. I got hooked up with a beautiful SUV for my family after struggling to find a reliable vehicle. Rahim and Sandra we're a huge help also. Life savers!" - Tristan Bradley

"They went above and beyond for me. I had a car brake beyond repair on me after a week of owning it. I told them how I put all my money into that car. Amazingly they found me a car that works perfectly for me, my family and my wallet!!! I couldn’t be more happy!" - Emily Picard

"I like car approved now they were totally honest and reliable and got me a car which I love. thank you Rahim" - Kirsti Ducksworth

"Raf was so patient and helpful. I was able to get exactly the right fit for me and my kids. And they took my much used old car off my hands for me! It turns out it was actually dangerous (leaking gas onto exhaust). So, these guys not only came with me to get my registration, helped me find the best insurance deal after figuring out the best deal on the best car...they potentially saved my life!" Shanna

"Cars Approved Now staff (Raf and Levi ) have treated me well each time I have been there. They maintain contact, create an inviting environment, professional but invite personal conversation. The courtesy shuttle service is very helpful and appreciated. for those that looking to buy a car, this is the right place for you. Thank you!" - Mr.Fox

"Months and months of trying to obtain a vehicle with no luck, constantly being turned away and then one day came across an ad for this dealer and well why not try one last time, baby on the way I was stressed. I msged one of the salesmen and they got back to me right away. They asked a few details on my situation and went over the options. They were extremely friendly and understanding. When it came down to going there a ride was offered to come get me after they helped guide me through the process of all the paper work needed. Not everyday someone's willing to pick you up from across town personally to get you in to test drive and go over options! Small place but fantastic service and everyone is friendly and does everything in there power to get you approved at a rate that works for you and what's best for you to build up! Highly recommend this place! Very grateful for all the people that work there as they made it possible for me! When I was told no everywhere else they told me YES!" - Tanner