How to Fight a Speeding Ticket, Parking Ticket, and More in Alberta

**How to Fight a Speeding Ticket, Parking Ticket, and More in Alberta**

As an Alberta driver, you may know the feeling of seeing flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, discovering a ticket under your windshield wiper, or receiving a citation in the mail from your city government. Traffic violations can lead to unexpected costs, but if you believe you’ve been wrongfully accused, you have options.

Many people pay their fines without question, but you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the prospect of challenging a ticket. If you feel you were falsely accused, defending yourself could prevent unnecessary penalties and insurance rate hikes.

Whether you’ve been charged with speeding, running a red light, or even a parking violation, here’s what you need to know about disputing tickets in Alberta.

### **Speeding in Alberta**

Speeding is a major factor in vehicle collisions across Alberta, and tickets can be expensive, potentially reaching up to $500 or more. Speeding violations are monitored using radar guns and cameras, which can sometimes result in errors.

Alberta has long used photo radar for monitoring speeding, although recent efforts aim to prevent its use as a revenue-generating tool. Here’s how to dispute speeding tickets in Alberta.

### **How to Dispute a Speeding Ticket in Alberta**

First, consider how much your time is worth. Fighting a ticket may involve taking time off work for court appearances. Decide whether the potential loss of income outweighs the savings from beating the ticket.

In Alberta, you have 30 days to contest a ticket. Register your dispute at a registry office or through the Alberta Courts website. After registering, your court date will be mailed to you.

Fighting a ticket can be time-consuming, but the potential impact on your insurance premiums can make it worthwhile. For younger or high-risk drivers, even a few tickets can cause significant rate increases.

### **Preparing for Court**

When you decide to dispute a speeding ticket, you’ll have your day in court to plead your case. Your best chance at winning may come if the officer who issued the ticket doesn’t show up, as their absence may lead to a dismissal.

You might also have the option of making a deal with the Crown prosecutor for a lesser charge and reduced fine. However, this may still lead to demerits on your record, affecting your insurance rates.

Requesting disclosure of the officer’s notes on your speeding violation can help you prepare your defense. Verify that the notes match your version of events and are clear and consistent.

### **Disputing a Red Light Ticket**

If you were caught running a red light by a traffic camera in Alberta, you’ll face a fine. The good news: since the camera only captures your license plate, not the driver, no demerits will be applied to your record.

Fighting this type of ticket is similar to fighting speeding tickets. You’ll need to argue that there was a technical issue with the camera or an error in the issuance of the ticket.

### **Knowing Where Traffic Cameras Are**

Driving safely is always important, but knowing where traffic cameras are located can help you stay mindful of your speed and caution at intersections. Alberta municipalities typically provide information on camera locations for public awareness.

### **Disputing Parking Tickets in Alberta**

Parking tickets do not impact your driving record or insurance rates. However, if you feel wronged, you can dispute them through your local municipal process. Each city in Alberta has its own dispute resolution system, so familiarize yourself with the steps in your area.

### **Stand Up for What’s Right**

Receiving a traffic violation can be costly and stressful, but fighting it can require time, patience, and preparation. While paying the fine might be easier, standing up for what you believe is right can lead to justice.

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